"You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
 - Zig Ziglar 
Who is Damian Benko...
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site and looking into me. The title of this page is “Who is Damian?” That’s quite a deep question and quite personal, however, I’ll be happy to share and give you the overview of my background and what I think has led me to be who I am and promise not to get too deep. 

First off, I’m happily divorced and have been blessed with the two most amazing kids in the world, living in sunny Atlanta GA! I was married to my high school sweetheart and we were together for a little more than 20 years. The relationship finally ran its course and we parted as friends. (Even though there have been some traumatic and nasty times, we’ve been able to stay amicable as possible for the kids).

The kids have been my rock through many of my struggles over the last several years. Every time I question myself or my choices or the amount of work I’ve put into something, I’ve always looked at them and reminded myself that it’s for them and for the opportunity to provide everything they could need and for us to be able to do whatever we want, whenever we want…together!
An Entrepreneur is in my blood!
I’ve been an entrepreneur in sales and marketing my entire life. From as far back as I can remember I’ve always looked for ways to make a buck by providing value or a benefit to others. From a neighborhood lemonade stand(yup) to offering to do work for neighbors to earn some extra cash. Basically, I’ve tried to generate my own money through my efforts and not rely on “jobs”, although I did have a few through high school.

I was one of those kids in the neighborhood that always had the money…because I always worked! I remember at age 12 I had two “full time” jobs. Well, full time as much as I could since I had school. 

My family had a horse farm and I was the “manager” of sorts. Yeah sounds big but it really wasn’t…had to shovel a lot of…..stalls. Man, I hated that, but it had to be done.    
My mom also owned a small grocery store and I worked there too. I’d stock shelves, mop floors, put the papers together. Wow - memories. And all this work netted me about $50 bucks a week. At 12, that’s some good jack!

It was these experiences that molded my work ethic to what it is to this day. I had to get up at 6am every morning before school and take care of the horses before taking a shower and getting ready for school.

Then, I’d have to take care of them once I got back from school. And this responsibility was 7 days a week. Sun, rain, snow, sleet, wind, hot or cold…the horses needed to eat and have a clean place to stay.

Same, with the store. I had to clean up every night before closing. I also had to come in first thing on Sunday morning and “put the papers together”. For those that don’t know, the Sunday papers don’t come together. All those different sections? Yup, they are all separate and someone has to assemble them before they hit the shelves. (This is when my disdain for the NY Times began. Although now, I’m not a fan for other reasons…)

This taught me responsibility and the value of commitment. When I committed, no one else was gonna do my job. If I didn’t do it, the horses wouldn’t eat. Or the store would suffer and we’d lose customers. I also learned the lesson of providing value and going the extra mile. It was just expected to do what “needed” to be done and not told.
Creating early values...
Since that time I’ve always worked at least 40 hours week. Throughout high school I mostly worked out in the cold on ski areas or on horse farms taking folks on trail rides.(I did take Liv Tyler out on a horseback ride once, so that was cool…Also met the boxer Roddick Bowe.)    

This was all done because I wanted to have things, which at that time was a nice car and money to take my girlfriend out to dinner and buy her stuff. Plus, I also had to buy all my own clothes and shoes once I started working. My folks never let me go without, but they taught me that if I wanted something it was up to be to get it. And I guess that’s always stuck with me.
I also did what I was told and didn’t bat an eye or question why even though looking back, maybe I should have questioned some of the things I had to do…

For example…

I climbed up ski lifts and shimmied out and greased them, which was crazy and probably against the child labor laws. (They are at least 40 feet tall, if not higher.)

I hung from 3 story roof tops painting trim. That was a crazy summer job. The contractor I worked for was a drunken loon. Man, some of the stories I could tell you about that guy.
One of the worst…and best actually, was working for the Pines Hotel in the Catskills. I’d work til midnight in the winter, in temperatures as cold as 10 below zero F to make snow for the ski hills. (And yes for those that don’t know…they actually MAKE snow. It’s very dangerous and at 16 & 17 I did that.)

Anyway, I survived and this mindset has followed me into my business life and is another reason why I’ve been successful.

My friends thought I was nuts for working so much, but it really didn’t bother me. Later on I worked in restaurants and golf courses. 
See, I didn’t go to college like my friends. I thought I’d play guitar and work meaningless jobs until I got my big break. The meaningless jobs wore me out and the gigs for guitar weren’t happening. So I had to work and struggle to make a dollar. 
Thinking back as I write this, it makes a lot of sense to me on where I ended up and what I’ve been able to accomplish over the years in my business life. These life lessons we learn early on shape and mold our lives forever! Thanks to my folks for raising my right. :-)
A New Outlook Begins To Form!
Around the time I was 18 or 19, I decided I couldn’t bear to work another day in the freezing cold making snow at the local ski area. It was around this time I found sales and fell in love.  

Sales was the perfect job for me - I like people and love to talk. This was my big paradigm shift. My outlook on life changed at that point and I've never looked back. I came to realize that what I sold wasn’t nearly as important as what I learned.  
There was a world out there that paid you on your performance, not your education or seniority. It’s up to me and no one else. That’s the American Dream - give me the opportunity and let me shine.
It was because of the entry into this new world that I started reading and absorbing an incredible amount of information from great success philosophers such as Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Norman Vincent Peale, Tom Hopkins, Earl Nightingale, Tony Robbins, and countless others. I learned that a positive attitude is key to any success in life.
Paradigm Shift...
This opened my mind to the point that anything that I wanted was out there. I just had to focus on what I wanted to achieve and believe in myself and it would come. Through my career I've always continued to learn and then came across Robert Kiyosaki.  

This lead to the next great paradigm shift in my life. What I learned was that being self employed, as I was, just meant that I owned a job. I also learned that the secret to great wealth is Passive Income. 
Passive Income
Earnings an individual derives from a rental property, limited partnership or other enterprise in which he or she is not actively involved. 
I thought I was doing pretty good, but, upon deeper reflection, I realized he was right. If I didn't work, or something happened to me, my income would be gone. That's when I started to shift my thinking from the one making the sales, to hiring and training others to make the sales and then make a piece off their efforts and start generating Passive Income. That's exactly what I did.  

See, at that point in my life I had graduated from just a salesman to a business owner. I had been a partner in a home improvement company and didn’t like that business model because there were too many moving parts and no matter how hard I tried i would never be able to make that a passive business. I was also the best salesman we had and still found it hard to get “out of the field.”

This led me to think of other businesses that would allow me to build this passive income. What eventually I came up with was going back into my dad’s business, which was insurance and financial planning. 

In that business, I could do the training and hiring and then the agents could do the selling on an independent basis and I could just be there to help them when needed…And the thought was that if I could hire seasoned agents that didn’t need much training, then my time could be spent with my family more and creating other income streams. 
It was after building for a few years and having a couple hundred agents across the country that again I realized that my idea what not exactly the most accurate representation of the business.

In building this business I came to understand that agents don’t really do much work without hammering them constantly and I wasn’t keen on doing that. Finding, truly successful, independent agents, is far more difficult than you would think.

It was during this time that my first searching into online business presented itself. In fact, at that time, my business was doing okay but going backwards do to the mortgage crisis that was starting. This was early 2006. 

I saw the writing on the wall and was looking for a way out. The thought of a new business still came back to trying to find a way to build a successful passive income business that I could run from anywhere in the world. This was due to my love of travel.

If I was serious in becoming successful in this new world of online marketing I had to take the next step. It was really quite simple. I just needed to surround myself with the people that are thriving in this industry and learn everything I possibly could from them.   

It's amazing when you know what you're looking for, you are more likely to find it. I started my search and was able to find the mentors I needed. 
If you hang around the people you want to become then it just seems to happen. Without even trying you end up in the circles you want to travel in. When I started truly focusing on what I wanted to achieve in this new business is when everything started to happen. That is when I started forming very strong and successful business relationships. 

Now don’t get me wrong, success didn’t come to me right away, but because I had such a burning desire as well as my family counting on me, failure was NOT an option. When I stumbled I got back up, analyzed what happened and learned from them. Then continued.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear!
My incredible journey…(Totally not what I expected.)

I wanted to learn a new and more profitable, online business and needed help. I focused on what I needed and believed I would find what I was looking for. After making up my mind to find these mentors they just started showing up. With their help I was able to grow my income to a level that replaced my previous 6-figure income I enjoyed with my former businesses. 

That was back in 2006 that I started in this world of online marketing. My first 6-months were a hell of a ride and I’ve put together a more detailed account if you're interested in reading about it. This was my first education about making money online and since then my business has completely changed, however, I never forget where I’ve come from and share it here if you’d like to read about it…

My road I’ve traveled has had many hills, rivers, streams, cliffs and gorgeous views I’ve had to cross and deal with and enjoy over the years. Everything I’ve experienced has taught me many things, however, I would say the biggest is the fact of the one thing you can always count on. This piece of world knowledge is also what I teach my kids constantly!
The only thing that is consistent and that you can count on is…CHANGE!
Seriously, there will always be change and when you think you’ve figured it out and are all good…nope! Try again and keep moving. Now, don’t get me wrong. This is isn’t bad. In fact, it’s what makes life so great. How boring it would be if everything always stayed the same.
SO, here is my short version of my internet career for the last 10 years or so…
My internet story starts in 2006 and what I had found during my searches for internet riches were automated marketing/sales businesses or opportunities. Basically, do nothing make money type of shit. Of course, it sounded great to me. Well, my first venture cost me a couple grand…in about 2 weeks. Ouch!

That’s when I stepped back and looked at why and what I could do about it. First thing was I couldn’t believe what I was reading on the web. Yea, I know…shocking!

Anyway, the next thought was I truly needed help and find some successes and become friends with them and pick their brain and get them to teach me their secrets and show me how to do it.
Well, I found someone and then found a couple more and the next 6 months I exploded my online business selling a couple business opportunities(bizopps) and some high yield investment type programs. These “investments” were extremely risky and only a handful mad money with them, however I was totally upfront with everyone that put in their cash…including myself. I not only sold, but also put my money in as well.

I did well early on but the plans crashed and I didn’t want to be involved in those types of risky programs and looked for better businesses to join and be a part of. Basically, I was doing good because I personally spoke and trained those that joined with me. A couple years later a new company came on the scene and at this time I was doing fairly well and was known in the circles and joined and was able to build the largest network within the company. 

I also won the best award in my opinion with the company. I didn’t recruit the most members, but my group was the biggest and we had the best duplication. This was due to my training company I built to train everyone. That was when Turn-Key Marketing Group was born, which became a very successful training company. (At the height I had over 1000 members.)
During that time I started going to internet marketing seminars and learned about an entirely different set of people making money online. These people sold small ticket products that they made themselves or bought or got the rights to sell from others. This is known as affiliate marketing, PLR and MRR sales. (Private Label Right and Master Resale Rights.)  

I didn’t even know any of this existed. Also, I thought that most people made money with their online businesses. I was making 20-50K month fairly consistently and didn’t think it was that out of line. I actually thought most people made at least 3-5K online who were at the seminars. When I found out most people were barely making anything and many were NOT, I was floored.

Again, I was living in my own bubble…Which was about to burst but I didn’t know. Remember, change?
It was the spring of 2008 when I went to my first really big event. Mass Control from internet marketing legend, Frank Kern. (That’s what I read online, so it must have been true, right?)

I had purchase Mass Control in January and implemented part of it and it paid HUGE dividends for me. I actually got on stage with Frank during the event with Noah St. John to give a testimonial and talk about my experience implementing some of his techniques. I actually implemented his launch strategy with this new company I mentioned earlier and brought in just shy of 50K for the opening month. 

This my my head as big as it could get. I’m no different than anyone else. However, I didn’t go overboard with fast cars or other material things. I spent on my family with trips and then the rest I spent on business.

I was fortunate to join the most exclusive mastermind of it’s time…Frank Kern’s original Platinum Mastermind along with 19 others. I was hob-nobbing with some of the most successful internet marketers of the day and the funny thing was…I HAD NO CLUE who most of them were. I wasn’t part of this crowd. I just made money selling these “silly” business opportunities. They were looked at as NOT REAL business.

Then when i share the income I made, they listened and gave me advise on how to make it better. There were many great lessons learned with this group but to be frank, no pun intended, it was the relationships that served me the best over the next few years.

The thing that hurt and helped me at the same time were the messages and direction the group guided me down of creating my own products and not focusing on the bizopps any longer. This ended up being a great thing but also forced my current business to crash and basically bankrupted me. 

However, I met and became friends with many influential people and that helped me sustain myself and transform my business over the years. I started making my own products, doing joint ventures and worked with some more of the biggest leaders and successful marketers in the business. I think my favorite was the interview I did with Loral Langemeier from The Secret. In fact, she enjoyed it so much as well she used it for her money magnet
(optin-incentive) for several years.

But the relationships that I made continued to open doors as well as additional business as I needed moving into the future. Also being focused on developing and creating my own products, changed my whole thinking regarding the making money online. It was a blessing even though I lost a lot of momentum making the transition.

Also, it’s amazing how fast things change and evolve online today. I remember reading Robert Kyosaki back about 1998 when he spoke about how fast things will change in what he called the information age. Yup he was right. About 18 months and everything changes. It seems to have help up just as he wrote almost 20 years ago.

Now, as my business was starting to grow and I was feeling comfortable in my new business and gathering momentum again is when there was death in my family. My wife’s father passed away and sent her and us in a tail spin…even though we really didn’t understand at that point. We both started drinking heavily and that effected our relationship as well as my business. 

We ended up splitting and to be honest this absolutely crushed me and that year I pretty much through out my 6 figure online media business and just bounced around. I ended getting a consulting gig so I wouldn’t have to think about things for awhile and that kept me going but all through that time, I was never satisfied with work. The only thing that kept me going was my kids. They were and still are my everything but I wanted more for them and for me and that led me to my next adventure which I never would have thought would have interested me…but again…CHANGE!
And now for something completely different....
Another new beginning...
At this time I was looking to get back into business, however wanted to get involved in something different. I didn’t know what it was but knew I wanted a change. 

I went to a conference about being a private equity investor and transforming failing companies for a large profits and ended up meeting with a former colleague and someone who had followed me and bought many of my products and offering through the years. 

He had an opportunity to partner with him and his partner in a “real” business in the anti-microbial industry. Basically, the goal of the business was to convert hotel rooms into allergy free environments. We’d do this with high end air filtration systems and anti-microbial coatings. 

This was fascinating to me and the opportunity seemed to be huge and I loved the idea. At that time I was in another partnership and we came into this new company together.

We started trying to build the company but ran into problems right off the bat. Money…We were all putting sweat equity in and no one was willing to put in the needed capital. My partner and I contributed a small investment initially but it was no where near enough to launch our grand idea.  

I built a web site and we searched for products but educating people on these coating technologies is FAR to costly to have any shot in hell of building a successful business. This was where I first realized how hard this endeavor would be. 

Great products, but too difficult to convey the benefits because you can’t really prove, without being something to the lab, that your product is preventing germs, bacteria, fungi or viruses on their surface.

So, in an effort to find additional products for this concept, I ran across a really neat product out of Europe. Switzerland I believe. This was a spray that you apply to fabrics and would repel water and other liquids and prevent stains.
This demo was absolutely insane and I was foaming at the mouth and also wondering WHY it didn’t exist here in the USA? I told my main partner and he then contacted the owner of the company and secured US Distribution rights for the product line.

I put down a few grand on getting product and then built a site around this product, separate from the anti-microbial company to test the market and see if we could sell it.

Basically, I took this on as my own since the other partners were busy with their current jobs and didn’t have the time nor wanted to put any resources toward this. This is when my education in the import/export business started. Also, I started my journey in selling physical products, which I had never done before. I was only accustomed to selling digital products with easy delivery methods…just send an automated email after a sale is made. This physical stuff is an entirely different animal.
Anyway, I was excited and thought this would take off like a rocket. Built a website, got some traffic and affiliates and started making sales. The main issues I encountered were the margins were too small, shipping costs too high and the name of the product sucked!

That led me to my next brilliant idea of renaming the product and getting it made here in the states to control the whole process. So, now I’d be entering the manufacturing business. Oh boy…More education.

Long story short…I created a new company. Restructured the original partners, without any investment and brought on one outside investor who put in a little cash. We were going to build this on a shoestring and I would run the operation. 

Physical Products...
After searching and finally finding a product we could use, I was able to bring it to market about 6 months after we started. I learned and went through every part of the process. From name creation, label design, sourcing bottlers, resources, shipping, purchasing product, all the marketing and asset creation then getting it all put together, I finally had my product in 8 oz bottles ready to be sold to the masses.

We started to take off and then there was a similar product that hit the market in a huge way and we were able to piggy back on that for a short period and we about to explode when I ran into manufacturing and supply issues. This forced me to look for another supplier, which was very difficult since this really doesn’t exist. Again…CHANGE!

Finally found another supplier however it took 6 months to get our first order filled and by that time I had lost out on a large Canadian retailer that had over 100 stores that were going to showcase our product and roll out in a big way. ugh!!!!

It was now about a 18 months of starting this and I had made virtually no money, as I was putting it back in the business and we needed money to push again and play the retail game. My partners weren’t interested in adding any more and that forced me to look for investers. This is where I started meeting with “Sharks” and got my ass handing to me for having too many partners that weren’t helping. Also, no one would consider investing unless I had far more % to offer. But since we had so many partners that wasn’t possible.

It looked as if my journey was over, but I wouldn’t quit. the thought of this product going main stream intrigued me and drove me so hard that I pushed with everything in my body and restructured the company and within 6 months had new investors that promised to back the business and also help and be a part of it and be REAL partners.

This was the answer to my prayers.
Over the next year, I went from crafting and hiring a professional film studio to shoot amazing videos and creating a beautiful ecommerce website. We put together high end marketing material and had some people in our network with amazing contacts and started approaching and working on deals. 

This is where this takes a weird turn and I really can’t discuss too much but all I can say is…CHANGE!!!

Big deals weren’t able to get negotiated and agreed upon with my main partner handling that and thus we lost some huge opportunities. Foreign growth was stifled for contract reasons again and I had lost any power I once had in my company.

See, in getting the investors, I had to give up control and a large percentage. Actually, a new company was formed and I sold my trademark and was then hired and given a % of the new company to be the president and run it.

Anyway, I was able to get the product onto QVC and it was the best 8 minutes of my physical product business career. It was a tremendous effort to get it to that point and things were looking up. Then less than 2 months later, I was let go(my contract was not renewed) and because of certain wording in the company operating agreement, my ownership interests were bought from me at a discount of value due to being terminated.
Basically, I was fired and my interest bought for a fraction of its value…YUP! Three years of creating, growing, marketing and taking the company from nothing to something and getting on TV with it…all gone in a FedEx packet waiting on my doorstep one morning.

Talk about a kick in the jimmy…ugh!

Although the situation and how everything went down, sucked, I really couldn’t have been happier. My partners never helped as they promised. I had no control or power or say in anything. I was never assisted along the way as I needed which was why I came to them in the first place. I ended up in a job that I hated, working for people I didn’t like or trust and now was free to build again and work 1000% for me with no restrictions! Yippee!! 

Again, the only thing you can count on is CHANGE!

I’m grateful for all I learned and many of the contacts and people I met along the way. It was an amazing ride and education that I will continue to use and benefit from moving forward.

From that point is when I took a hard look into what I wanted and what I’ve been through. What was it that I can give to others? How can I help and what do I have to bring to the table? And finally, what do I want to do going forward?

After taking about a month off and traveling with my girlfriend, I came to the realization that I truly love helping people with online businesses. Whether they are in bizopps, direct sales, ecommers, info products or anyone selling online, I can help.
Is There a "Secret" to Success?
With all that I’ve been through and all the contacts and knowledge of been there and done that, I decided to go back to what I was really good at and thoroughly enjoyed. Teaching, networking and providing helpful services.

It’s been a gift to have met and worked with some of the biggest achievers in this business. And am pleased to say that I’ve contributed to many over the years that have gone on to great things as well. So, that’s what has led me back into building and growing an online training, coaching, consulting and sales business!
So What IS The Secret to Success then?

I think the movie "The Secret" holds many of the pieces to the puzzle many of us are after. After watching this film and implementing the techniques and suggestions, my then wife and I started experiencing incredible benefits from our actions and thoughts. This is truly an amazing movie and I highly recommend it to EVERYONE! www.thesecret.tv
HOWEVER...the biggest missing piece is the act of ACTION. If you sit on your ass and feel the power of achieving something and focus and believe as hard as you can…and then never get up and just play video games…it’s not gonna happen.

You still need to make plans and put action behind them. You may not have the answer on how you will achieve, but you need to be doing something towards reaching or achieving your desires.

Also, I don’t think enough was mentioned about gratitude of what you get and that everything leads to your overall happiness if you trust in what you get. Yes, you can want more, but just be happy with what you get and you’ll get more. If you’re not happy with what you get, I believe the Universe says, “Screw you! If you’re not happy with this, why should I give you any more?” (Just my thought.)

But overall…good movie.
We have greater opportunity
 than EVER before!
As far as specific business is concerned, I don't think there is one magic secret that will give you all the answers. I think that there are basics and fundamentals that will help you build a successful business. The proper mindset is the most powerful and important key that most people overlook.
Just think of the opportunity we have before us now. We have the world at our fingertips. Literally…the World Wide Web… more like the World Wide Money Machine.  
Think of how many customers or clients we can offer our services or products too. Truly Amazing! 
All we need to know is... What is the PIN number? Once we know that we can withdraw as much as we want. Well.....what is the PIN number you might ask?
Very simply... it’s marketing the “right” products to the “right” people. Basically, it comes down to giving the consumers what they want as quickly and as easily as possible.
Whether this is a product, service, coaching, consulting, traffic, information or whatever they are looking for. The key is to figure out what you are going to sell or market and build your business around that.

There are countless ways to make money online, so the first place to start is to make a list of what interests you and spend time and sometimes money to learn as much as you can regarding that and then find people to model or be mentored or coached by to become successful at it.

It’s always best to learn from those that have done or are doing what you are trying to do. This way you learn from their mistakes and don’t have to make them all yourself. 
This is one of the biggest reasons that you should always go into a new venture with someone who is already doing what you want to do. They can provide the help and guidance that can make the difference between success and failure.
"If you think you can or you think you
can’t you’re probably right.”
Henry Ford
Thanks for getting to know me a little...
Thanks for learning more about me and what I’ve been through in life and business. My sincere hope is that you learned something and can take some of this and use it to make your situation better. It’s always better to learn from someone who’d been there, done that, instead of always doing it on your own.

And of course, please follow me on the socials. (I normally don't do anything with Twitter and rarely on Instagram, but Facebook and LinkedIn are good. ;-)
Thanks again, and I truly appreciate you reading about me and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. 

To Your Incredible Success,
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